NEWS: Change of name and address

Joseph Nechvatal, excitatiOn emigratiOn, 2011, computer-robotic assisted painting on canvas, 14 x 22cm

Dear Readers,

As of May 28, 2014, Concatenations can now be found at a new address under its newly established name, Caldaria. Please visit our new site,, where we will continue to feature the work of artists and writers working at the fertile crossroads where sci-art meets the sublime.

We thank you for your readership over this last year and very much hope you'll continue to follow us at Caldaria.

With a freshly invigorated vision for both our forum and the larger nexus we wish to cultivate, Caldaria is actively seeking submissions. Please be in touch if you have an article or project that might be appropriate for publication.

With warm regards,

Taney Roniger

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